City Live Wallpaper (version 1.4.1)

Green City
Dark City

City Live Wallpaper: beautiful cities on your home screen!
City live wallpaper features beautiful glowing particles over green and dark city.Full support for landscape mode and home screen switching!


✔ Dark House Theme;
✔ Green City Theme;
✔ Disable themes and choose a background color;
✔ Enable/Disable snow particles;
✔ Choose between snowflake and mixed particles;
✔ Adjust number of particles spawned;
✔ Choose particle color;

Available features in Dark House Theme (full version):
✔ Animated ghosts or flying witch on screen touch;
✔ Background flying bats;
✔ Spider, window, and background fog animations;

Available features in Green City (full version):
✔ Animated fireflies;

Please comment if you like it!

City Live Wallpaper is available for Android devices running Android 2.1 or greater!


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