Particle Storm 3D Live Wallpaper


An amazing new 3D live wallpaper with thousands of moving particles that follow your finger. Customise particle count, colors, background particles, glow intensity and many more!

Full version features an amazing 3D particle storm with the option to customize(toggle) the following:

– Configure glow color (white,green, pink and yellow);
– Glow intensity and color cycling;
– Configure the type of background and foreground particles (8 different particles to choose from);
– Particle count;
– Particle color (2 distinct groups of particles);
– Touch position (particles follow touch position);
– Moving particles;
– Reflection layer (noticeable when the particles are away from the camera);
– Camera Settings (support for Samsung Galaxy Touchwiz UI);
– Double tap to open settings menu;
– APP2SD support: You will need to set the live wallpaper again if you restart your device (Android limitation);
– Choose target frame rate to improve performance and reduce battery consumption;

Particle Storm 3D Live Wallpaper

Works great with phones, tablets, or any device that supports live wallpapers.

Feedback is welcome 🙂


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