Ocean 3D Live Wallpaper

Beautiful ocean with realistic water effects on your home screen in true 3D!

Ocean 3D Live Wallpaper


Premium version features a beautiful ocean with realistic water effects and with the option to customize (toggle) the following:

– 4 Different camera views;
– Realistic water effects (reflect and refract);
– Beautiful Glow effect;
– Clouds;
– Time of day (manually define the time of day);
– Group of humpback whales;
– Butterflies;
– Seagulls flying;
– Motor boat floating in the water;
– Windsail;
– Sun shaft in the middle of the ocean (automatically disabled in the night scene);
– Rocks/Waterfall and many more options;
– Option to change camera speed;
– Anti-Aliasing option (4x Multisampling);
– Double tap to open the settings menu;
– Choose target frame rate to improve performance and reduce battery consumption;

Ocean 3D Live Wallpaper


Works great with phones, tablets, or any device that supports live wallpapers.

Feedback is welcome 🙂

Ocean 3D Live Wallpaper


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